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I haven't been making much art or writing for a while, but I've been inspired and decided to join in #inktober on Instagram:

It's possible some of these drawings wind up scanned and posted here, but depends how much I like them. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and/or like my drawings and photos.

My interest in dA is sporadic of late, especially after realizing the forums here are terrible. If I was making the work to post, I might actually participate, but even that is "meh."

Still lurking in the shadows, as ever.
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It's a new year and time to clear out ye olde wastebasket!

I've decided that I need to take a break on dA for a while.  The forums have turned into a big time suck for me, I haven't uploaded any art for a while, and am not really commenting/contributing as much as I'd like.  And right now I've got a lot of things going on, what with working a fulltime job and finishing the second issue of Undercurrent.  I also need to get back into a regular writing practice and have lots of unfinished projects to complete.  Not to mention exercising more and buying a bike, among numerous other things like meditating more and going on hikes, etc.

Initially, I was considering taking a whole year off, but I've found that shooting for smaller goals tends to work better for me.  So I'm aiming for a month, then will maybe challenge myself to 3 or 6 months.  If I can do more, great, but I'm not going to pressure myself.  

I'll still be online, just on sites that waste my time less and mostly to keep in touch with friends or to do research.  I'll probably be posting the final batch of 2013 book reviews on GoodReads as well.  If you don't know where to find me, I have social media links on my website, or you can email me directly.  Won't be available via dA's comment system until I return.

With that said, hope everyone's holidays were wonderful, and have a good new year.  Super Shibe for all!
  • Reading: Age of Innocence


Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I'm an artist, illustrator, writer, and designer, from Kansas City, MO.

I've been on DeviantArt for a long time (11 years--really?), but there have been at least a couple of gaps in my involvement. The site is very different from when I first signed up, and I've seen hands change several times. I keep coming back because I like having the additional venue for my work and enjoy the sense of community (though I'm less involved than I used to be). I've made a lot of wonderful connections through dA Lit in particular.

I primarily post my fine art and illustration work to my gallery, though I occasionally post some samples of my writing. I tend to keep my graphic/web design work separate; you can find samples on my website.

Currently I'm focusing more attention on my fine art, with the hopes of eventually having a show or entering a residency. I am looking at other venues and opportunities as well. Most of my work is in pen & ink, more recently graphite, and the style has often been compared to old wood cuts/engravings. My subject matter is apparently narrative and symbolic while evading simple readings. Many of my references are drawn from religious concepts and symbolism, along with esoteric fields like tarot and alchemy. You can view my artist statement and resume here.

Besides working on my fine art, I am seeking a fulltime job and finishing the rough draft of my second novel. My fiction is largely speculative, much of it taking place 500 years in the future on another planet in a city obsessed with the past. That's the simple version anyway.

For those who are fond of silly lists of influences and inspirations, here's a few: Barry Moser, Peter Milton, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Terry Gilliam, William Blake, Remedios Varo, Dino Valls, C.G. Jung, Vincent Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, German/Austrian Expressionism, Northern Renaissance, outsider/visionary art, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Michael Gira, Philip K. Dick, Franz Kafka, Mervyn Peake, etc.

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